Sep 25, 2018 Event Hiroshima City

The Trunk Market 2018: The Most Exciting Flea Market in Hiroshima City!

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You’ve left the town you’re used to and are at your travel destination, which has different scenery than usual. While in this unfamiliar state, you savor the local food while listening to music.

If only there were somewhere you could also enjoy shopping… wouldn’t it be fun if there was a local event like that? The Trunk Market is an unique flea market, said to be unlike anything anywhere else in the country.

Today I will pick out and introduce the best parts of The Trunk Market, held here in Hiroshima.

What Is The Trunk Market?

The Trunk Market started in November, 2013, at Fukuromachi park, which is in the middle of the Hiroshima urban center. This flea market is held twice a year, in spring and fall, and it brings out the original purpose of the park, which is to create excitement and relaxation.

In our modern age where anything can be bought online, it brings people back together at small shops, where it all began. The goal is to provide services and products that come with the added value of having being carefully crafted. There’s a wide variety of booths lined up, from popular fashion brands, to local Hiroshima cuisine.

You can enjoy fresh specialty coffee, local sake, and Hiroshima food.

You can also hear live performances. The venue is wrapped in an atmosphere that is at once relaxing and energetic.

A Variety of Booths Anyone Can Enjoy, from Children to Adults

This market’s biggest charm is its unique, and creative booths. About 60 one of a kind booths gather at Fukuromachi park, and men and women of all ages can enjoy themselves.

At previous markets, restaurants that have obtained stars in the Michelin guide book, shops so popular you can’t make reservations, and exclusive shops that are hard to find also participated.

There are countless kinds of booths, like a workshop where mothers can make earrings together with their children, and a collaboration between a popular Japanese fashion brand and a plant store that sells stylish plant items.

Sometimes a sweet aroma fills the venue from roasting green tea that’s made in Hiroshima. Sometimes people have their portraits drawn by a popular illustrator. There are truly a countless number of unique booths to excite your senses!

Constantly Challenge and Achieve Change

Since being held for the first time in 2013, The Trunk Market has been able to make changes every time. In correspondence with its 10th time being held, on May 19th and 20th, 2018, a night marche took place at Fukuya Hatchobori at night in addition to the regular day venue at Fukuromachi park.

Visitors were able to enjoy shopping and food on the rooftop garden, and it was the largest scale event to date, bringing together the whole town.

The venue was titled”The Trunk Market night marche Edition”. With its lights installation, it had a completely different atmosphere than it showed during the daytime.

There were meat shops, Japanese sake brewers, bakeries with a long history, and many other booths at this night marche.

 Enjoy Unique Flea Market!

The venue is wrapped in a peaceful sense of togetherness. Although the peaceful grounds for the event, Fukuromachi park, it is actually one of the places that received heavy damage about 70 years ago from the A-bomb.

I think that The Trunk Market, held at this park which has memorial stones for victims of the atomic bombing, is a meaningful market that offers an opportunity to feel a new sense of peace.

If you come to Hiroshima around the dates it’s held, please be sure to take part in the market!

The Trunk Market Autumn in 2018
Date Nov. 10(Sat) 11:00am – 7:00pm
Nov. 11(Sun) 11:00am – 5:00pm
Venue Fukuromachi Park
9 Fukuromachi, Nakaku(map
Closest Station Approx. 10mins walk from Hatchobori station
Website Official Website