Jul 18, 2018 Hiroshima Prefecture

Convenient Public Transportation Tickets for Your Travel Plan in Hiroshima

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If you are planning to visit Hiroshima to travel, there are convenient tickets that can save you money. Did you know that there are various tickets available that can suit your travel plan? Buying tickets every time you need to get on an off a train or a bus can not only be costly, but also irritating. You might have trouble finding a ticket machine, or get confused while using it. Here are several public transportation tickets suited to various travel plans that can solve these problems!

Enjoying Hiroshima Prefecture Tour

Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass

A round-trip ticket for international travelers  visiting Hiroshima Prefecture. Be sure to check it out if you are planning to stay in Hiroshima. The ticket allows you to ride all of Hiroshima Electric Railway’s streetcars, the ferry (Matsudai Ferry), major route buses, express motor buses, etc. The ticket’s pricing varies by small area, middle area, wide area, and moving range. For further convenience, you could look into passes that let you get on the Meipuru-pu city tour bus, as well as the limousine bus that goes to Hiroshima Airport.

Transportation method used and pricing

The pricing may differ by the area that you are using the ticket, and the means of transportation. Please check the website below to know more details such as where you can buy the tickets.

Enjoying Both Hiroshima City and Miyajima (1 Day Ticket)

1-Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass

A ticket of amazing value, which lets you tour the various major tourist sites in Hiroshima City, as well as Miyajima, in one day. Since it allows you to board all of Hiroshima Electric Railway’s streetcars, and Matsudai Ferry, you can save yourself the trouble of having to line up in front of a ticket machine during busy seasons. Showing this ticket at the ticket office in Miyajima Ropeway Momiji Station will let you purchase the round-trip ticket for the Miyajima Ropeway at a reduced rate.

Moreover, everyone who gets onboard the ropeway can receive a surprise gift from Momiji Honjin, a souvenir shop located in Miyajimaguchi Station. Be sure to keep your ticket that you got from the ropeway platform. If you show it to the service counter on the first floor of Momiji Honjin, you can receive 3 Momiji manju sweet buns, and a discount ticket.

Available Transportation:
Hiroshima Electric Railway and Itsukushima Matsudai Ferry


Adult/ ¥840
Child/ ¥420
For further details:Hiroden Official Website
For further details read; How to Ride a Ferry to Miyajima

Exploring the City on A Streetcar (1 Day Ticket)

1 Day Streetcar Pass

Ride all of Hiroshima Electric Railway’s streetcars as many times as you like! Priced as much as only four tickets, the ticket is an absolute bargain. I’d like to recommend it to those who want to visit major tourist sites in the city, such as Hiroshima Peace Memorial and Shukkei-en Garden, as well as to those who want to enjoy shopping in the city.

Available Transportation:
Hiroshima Electric Railway


Adult/ ¥600

For more infomation: Hiroden Official Website


Although Hiroshima City has plenty of things to see, you can come across highly attractive sceneries and experiences by traveling outside of the city for a short while. Be sure to check these convenient discount tickets out to get the most out of your journey!