Jul 25, 2018 Hiroshima City

How to Use the Hiroshima Bus Center Connecting the Center Of Hirosima to Rabbit Island, Kure, and More!

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Hiroshima Bus Center is a bus terminal located in the center of Hiroshima City. This bus center has highway express buses, so you can easily get around sightseeing spots outside of Hiroshima city. In this article, I’ll tell you all about the Hiroshima Bus Center and how to make the best use of it.

What is Hiroshima Bus Center?

Hiroshima Bus Center, located in Hiroshima City, is Hiroshima’s biggest bus terminal, where you’ll find buses going to and from the outskirts of the city. It’s a convenient tool to use when going to sightseeing spots and secluded locations in the city, or traveling to Hiroshima Airport.

How to use Hiroshima Bus Center

When using the highway express bus or the limousine bus, you need to buy a ticket beforehand.

To buy a ticket, you can use the automatic ticket machines, which support English and Chinese, or you can go to the manned ticket counter. Go there if you’re confused about routes or how to buy your ticket. The manned ticket window is open 5:30 am – 10:00 pm.

There is a tourist information center by the ticket counter, and the counter Opens from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm, and the tourist information is available from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

In front of the terminal are the bus platforms. There are a total of 11 bus platforms, so make sure to carefully check your desired destination and bus platform before boarding.

Here you can find information about the platforms and destinations/sightseeing spots (current as of 2018).
*The schedule may change sometimes, so make sure you use the display board at the terminal to check!

Platform Destinations
1 ★Other Prefecture
Kantou, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kusyu Area
-Hiroshima University
2 ★Limousine Bus to Hiroshima Airport
-Western Hiroshima City
3 -Western Hiroshima City
4 -Western Hiroshima City
5 ★Rabbit Island/Takehara City
-Eastern Hiroshima Prefecture
6 ★Fukuyama・Onomichi
-Eastern Hiroshima Prefecture
7 ★Sandankyo
-Northern Hiroshima Prefecture
8 -Northern Hiroshima City
9 -Other Prefecture
Sanyo Area
-Nothern Hiroshima Prefecture
★Hiroshima Station
-Norhtern Hiroshima City
10 -North East Hiroshima CIty
11 -North East Hiroshima City

Bus Machi Food Hall

If you’ve got a bit of time before you need to board your bus, come eat at the bus machi food hall at the bus terminal building. In addition to Japanese food and bread, they also have shops that are great for souvenirs.

At Manma Pizza, they sell pizza and pasta made with fresh local region ingredients. They also have beer and other alcohol, so you can relax while enjoying the food or a nice cold beer.

Use Hiroshima Bus Center to Travel Around!

From Hiroshima Bus Center, you can get on the highway express bus that connects not only the suburbs, but the entire country. Why not come and see a side of Hiroshima that you can’t experience with the trains and Shinkansen?

Hiroshima Bus Center
Address 6-27 Motomachi, Nakaku, Hiroshima (map)
Open Tourist Information
Behind Express Bus Ticket section
Bus Pass Sales
(Weekdays) 7:30a.m.-7:20p.m.
(Weekends & Holidays) 10:30a.m.-6:30p.m.
Closest Station 5mins walk from
“Kamiya-cho Higashi” or “Kamiya-cho Nishi”
Website Official Website