Aug 11, 2018 Hiroshima City

The Best Way to Ride the Bus! Easy Travel Around Hiroshima City

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Hiroshima has a countless number of local buses, which is convenient for getting around the sightseeing spots. However, when there’s so many routes, it can be hard to know which ones you should use. For this reason, today I’m going to explain the advantages of using the Hiroshima local buses, the passes that can save you money, and how to use the bus service.

What Are the Advantages of Using Hiroshima’s Local Buses?

There Are a Lot of Bus Stops

One big benefit is the number of routes. There are a huge number of bus stops, so you can easily get straight to where you’re going. There’s also lots of buses going to different locations, so you can enjoy scenery you couldn’t get to see on a streetcar.

They Don’t Get Crowded

When traveling from Hiroshima Station to the city, the local buses are really convenient. This is because there are several different companies operating these local buses, which prevents crowding on the bus. As you can see, these buses can be very convenient, but there are some bad points like the schedule could be disrupted by traffic, or you might not know where the bus stop is.  In order to use them efficiently, it’s important to check the location of bus stops and how to use the bus beforehand.

Use the Ekimachi Loop to Efficiently Get Around Hiroshima

The local buses have a lot of bus stops and companies running them, so it may be confusing when you first try to use them.  If you’re going to look around Hiroshima’s main sightseeing spots and shopping areas, the circle bus Ekimachi Loop is very convenient.

The Ekimachi Loop connects Hiroshima Station, Kamiyacho, and Peace Boulevard. For the shortest route from Hiroshima Station, it takes about 5mins to get to Hatchobori, and about 10mins to get to Hondori. You can get to your destination faster than the streetcars. Since they operate only 10 mins apart every day, they won’t be crowded.

There’s also another circle called the Maple Loop. The Ekimachi Loop departs from Hiroshima Station’s south entrance, and Maple Loop goes from the north entrance, so you can choose the one most convenient for you. When you’re boarding at Hiroshima Station, get on from Platform 1 at the bus terminal. The bus fare is a flat rate of ¥180 for adult and ¥90 for Children.

How to Use Local Buses

When using the local bus, check the timetable at the bus stop and wait for it to arrive.  For almost all of the local buses in Hiroshima, you’ll get on via the door in the middle of the bus. When boarding, make sure to take your numbered ticket. The fare table at the front of the bus is regularly updated, so get your fare ready when you pass the bus stop just before yours. Deposit it in the fare box as you get off. That’s it for the general guide. When using the bus, remember that you can’t exchange high denomination banknotes, so get your small change ready beforehand!

Deals for International Tourisuts

In Hiroshima, you can buy the Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass, designed for international tourists visiting Japan. The services you can use and charges vary by area, so pick one that’s suited to what you want to do. If you use the Visit Hiroshima Tourist Pass, you won’t have to have a fare ready every time you use the bus. You can freely use services like local bus, streetcars, and the ferry to Miyajima, so it’s a stress-free way to get around.

Available Place Hiroshima Airport
Hiroshima Station South Entrance Traffic information Cente
Hiroshima Bus Center etc.
How to Use Show the crew or staff your ticket when you get off
*If you use Maple Loop, show your ticket when you get on.
Sales Period Mar 31 Sat, 2018 – Mar 31 Sun, 2019

Use the Convenient Traffic Information Center

At the south and north entrances of Hiroshima Station, there are traffic information centers put in place for international tourists. They offer information about bus routes, how to use them, and public access to sightseeing spots.

If you don’t know how to use the bus or which bus stop to use, the concierge can politely explain everything in English for you.