Sep 08, 2018 Miyajima

Easily Access to Tsutsumigaura&Miyajima Aquarium by the Maple Liner

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From Itsukushima Shrine to Misen and Daishoin Temple, there are many amazing places to visit, but if you try to see it all in one day, you’re sure to use up a lot of time and energy. So, I’d like to recommend using a passenger bus called the  Maple Liner, which runs within the island. Here, I’ll give you a detailed overview of The Maple Liner, its route, and how to ride it.

Tsutsumigaura to Miyajima Aquarium

The Maple Liner is a passenger bus which runs from Tsutsumigaura to Miyajima Aquarium. Since the bus has a flat rate fare, you can freely choose where you want to board or get off at, as long as it is on the route. The bus is a minibus which boards nine people. Only a few buses operate, with about 1 to 3 buses departing an hour, but it’s perfect as a way to travel on the island of Miyajima.

How to Ride the Maple Liner

The major sightseeing spots of Miyajima are all well within walking distance of each other. However, depending on the area, there may be steep hills, narrow roads, or paths with bad footing. Moreover, changes between seasons are drastic in Japan, and it’s not unusual for temperatures to rise to nearly 40℃ in the summer and fall below freezing in the winter. If you want see the sights efficiently without using up your strength, I recommend the The Maple Liner!

For example, it takes about 25 minutes to walk from Miyajima pier to Miyajima Aquarium. Perhaps many won’t mind this because you can enjoy the scenery and see sights along the way, but for people who want to save time and energy, it’s a big drawback.

It’s possible to smoothly travel the same route in just 10 minutes by this passenger bus. Since there aren’t many taxis on the island, this is quite helpful to people who want to move around smoothly.

It’s great to go around the sightseeing areas while walking from Miyajima Aquarium toward Miyajima pier. You can visit Kiyomori Shrine, Daishoin Temple and Itsukushima Shrine on your way back to Miyajima pier!

Enjoy Leisure More Than Sightseeing

With The Miyajima Liner, you can freely board and get off anywhere on the route. Tsutsumigaura is an area that’s especially perfect for people who want to enjoy leisure more than sightseeing.

In Tsutsumigaura, there are camp grounds, ocean swimming areas, lodging facilities, and restaurants. The picture is of Tsutsumigaura Shrine.

You can rent almost every items you need, so you can enjoy a barbecue even if you go empty handed. Fishing, playing tennis or any of the many other experiences are available for a reasonable price.



Adult ¥300 (Flat Fare)
Child(6-12) ¥150


Tsutsumigaura is a 40 minute walk away from Miyajima pier, so using The Miyajima Liner is very convenient. Also, people who lodge at Miyajima Tsutsumigaura National Park can use a shuttle bus for free, so please contact the facilities for more detailed information.