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Hiroshima Free Wi-Fi Guide & Locations

Most people probably use the Wi-Fi Service when they visit Japan. Hiroshima has a lot of Wi-Fi Spots as well, and you can connect for free at many main sightseeing spots and shopping areas, so it’s very convenient to use. In this article, I’ll go over the types of Free Wi-Fi you can access how and where in Hiroshima City.

Types of Free Wi-Fi in Hiroshima

Broadly speaking, there are 2 main types of free Wi-Fi in Hiroshima. One is the type called “HIROSHIMA FREE Wi-Fi”, and the other is the free Wi-Fi offered independently by various shops. When visiting Hiroshima, it’s a good idea to find out about the types of free Wi-Fi and how to access them before you go.


“HIROSHIMA FREE Wi-Fi” is a free public WLAN service offered by Hiroshima City. You can find it at major sightseeing spots like Miyajima, Hiroshima Castle, and the A-Bomb Dome, and key terminals and shopping districts. Also, while it is free to use, there are connection time restrictions and registration requirements that are different depending on the type of free Wi-Fi.


HIROSHIMA FREE Wi-Fi Connection Time: 30mins/each time
(can be used an unlimited number of times)

You only have to register once. If it’s within a 365-day period, you won’t need to register on subsequent connections.
HIROSHIMA FREE Wi-Fi Lite Connection Time: 15/each time
(can be used 4 times per day, 60 mins total)

You need to register each time you use it.


To use it, you need to register using your email address or SNS to confirm, or download the app “Japan Connected – free Wi-Fi.” Of these methods, Japan Connected – free Wi-Fi is the best as you can easily connect to free Wi-Fi not just in Hiroshima, but around the country, so it’s an essential download.

In addition to connecting to the Wi-Fi, you can see information about the areas where Free Wi-Fi Spots are located, and you can use it even when offline.

Independent Free Wi-Fi

Many of the shops within Hiroshima provide their own Free Wi-Fi Service. You can enjoy the internet at restaurants and cafes likeMcDonald’s, STARBUCKS COFFEE, TULLY’S COFFEE, and there’s also Free Wi-Fi Services run by convenience stores such as Lawson, Family Mart, and SevenEleven. To find out where these services are located and how to use them, check for the shop’s logo and guide.

Check Free Wi-Fi Spots in Hiroshima!

If you use “HIROSHIMA FREE Wi-Fi”, you can comfortably enjoy the internet at access points throughout Hiroshima. But where specifically can you go to get this Free Wi-Fi? Here I’ll go through some of the main access points in Hiroshima.

Hondori, Kinzagai, and Ebisudori Shopping District

The Hondori, Kinzagai, and Ebisudori shopping district are located in the heart of Hiroshima. You can stay connected while looking around at the local shops and cuisine.

Hiroshima Bus Center

Hiroshima Bus Center connects all of Hiroshima, including Hiroshima Airport. Even if you’re just waiting for a bus, you won’t get bored with Free Wi-Fi.

Hiroshima City Information Center

Hiroshima City Information Centers can be found at places like Hiroshima Station and Peace Memorial Park. They’re useful when you want to find tourist information.

Sightseeing Spots LikeHiroshima Castle・A-Bomb Dome

You can also use Free Wi-Fi at Hiroshima’s most famous sightseeing spots.

Streetcar Stop

You can also use Free Wi-Fi at some tram stops. As of 2018, the only stops that have this service are Hiroshima Station, Genbaku Dome-mae, Hondori, Fukuromachi, Dobashi, Yokogawa, Nishi-Hiroshima Station.

Enjoy a Pleasant Trip With Free Wi-Fi!

You can of course use Free Wi-Fi at sightseeing spots and shopping areas in Hiroshima, but you can also use it at hotels and other accommodation facilities. When you visit Hiroshima, make sure to find out where and how you can access Wi-Fi, and have a fun trip.

Dec 01, 2019 Hiroshima City