Jun 03, 2018 Hiroshima City

How to Ride “meipuru-pu” the Popular Loop Bus in Hiroshima City

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There are many buses that travel on the streets in Hiroshima city. In particular, “meipuru-pu”, a bus that loops around tourist spots in the city, is gaining popularity with tourists. Let’s learn about the routes, how to ride it, the bus fares and passes that will help you save money.

What is meipuru-pu?

“meipuru-pu” is a loop bus for tourists that operates in Hiroshima City. Other than being able to efficiently visit the tourist spots and art museums, one ride costs a flat fee of ¥200  for an adult, ¥100 for a child or ¥400 for unlimited rides on one day, making it incredibly convenient.
There are three operating routes, and all of them pass by “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park”, “Atomic Bomb Dome” and “Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum.”You can access the Peace Memorial with just a single ride on meipuru-pu.

This is “Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum.”

It starts operating from the north exit of Hiroshima Station, and it is extremely convenient when transferring from the Shinkansen or JR trains.

3 Routes of meipuru-pu

There are three operating routes of meipuru-pu!

Orange Route

-via Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park/Art Museums

This orange route is convenient for visiting various art museums. It passes through Hiroshima Prefectural Art Museum, Hiroshima Museum of Art, and Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (manga library). In particular, as there are not many ways to go to Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, it is recommended to take the orange route.

Green Route

-(via Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park/Namiki Dori/Hondori)

The green route is convenient for going around the shopping areas in Hiroshima City. If you want to go to Hondori Street, PARCO, or Namiki Street with its abundance of great places to eat, you can go to all these places on the green route.

Lemon Route

via Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park/Hiroshima Castle

If you are looking for a efficient way to visi “Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park” and “Hiroshima Castle,” the lemon route will be convenient for you. It has smaller operating area than the other routes, which makes it perfect for people who want to quickly go around the major tourist spots in Hiroshima City.

How to Ride

All “meipuru-pu” routes start off from the north exit of Hiroshima Station.  They stop at No.2 bus terminal, which is straight ahead immediately after coming out of the north.  Also, most buses on the streets of Hiroshima have a deferred payment system, but “meipuru-pu” utilizes an advanced payment system. The bus fare is a flat fee of ¥200, so please prepare before boarding the bus.

One Day Pass

It costs only¥200 for a single trip on meipuru-pu.  However, if you are riding the bus at least two times in a day, the “One Day Pass” is vert reasonable. It  lets you take an unlimited number of rides and costs ¥400 for an adult and ¥200 for a  child.  It is available in the bus, or at the ticket counter at the north exit of Hiroshima Station.

*If you have the “JAPAN RAIL PASS” or “JR-WEST RAIL PASS,” you can ride the meipuru-pu just by showing it to the bus driver.

Go Around Hiroshima City Efficiently

It is convenient to go around Hiroshima City by tram or bus. However, as “meipuru-pu” operates by looping around major tourist spots and art museums, it is recommended for tourists. It costs a flat fee which is paid in advance, and it is simple to get on or off. If you are looking to get around Hiroshima City efficiently, please try utilizing “meipuru-pu.”

Fare Single Ride Adult:¥200
1Day Pass
Website Meipuru-pu Website